Australia – 2001

While we in Australia, the country was ablaze. The forest fires burned for weeks and the sky was filled with smoke and the air smelled of burning trees.

I know at first glance it seems terrible when there are events like this. It is true to some degree. But don’t forget that forrest fires occurred before humans even lived on this planet. It is nature’s way of repairing the environment. Yes, it is sad when people loose their belongings, and terrible when humans are injured or killed. But young and healthy trees need room to take root and grow and to replace older and damaged trees in the forrest. This is part of what fires do.

Perhaps the local governments should make it impossible for houses to be built in areas where fires are likely and difficult to control. Oh, I forgot. Local municipalities want the tax dollars from these dwellings so growth continues into areas where it isn’t safe to live.

These are important issues. Think about the fact that we must live with nature and not try to change it. We will lose every time.