St. Kitts and Nevis – 2014


We travel often with some good friends who own time shares. It works out nicely for all of us. We travel to some interesting places, stay in very nice accommodations, and they have us as charming guests and travel companions.

We have gone to several locations with them had some great times.

St.Kitts is a very nice place to go for a vacation. The island is picturesque and the beaches are beautiful. There is always something to do or not, depending on your mood.

We were lucky to have fine weather when we were there and took some jaunts around the island as well as Nevis.

The people were very friendly and well organized. Some places one travels to can be a little, shall we say rustic or disorganized. That is fine. Why travel if all places are the same.

St. Kitts was well organized and easy to get around on. My wife and I are walkers and we took a few long walks with no problems. There is a main drag which is made up of homes, hotels, and restaurants. It seemed very safe.

As I recall there were gentlemen out in their yards playing dominoes. The taxi service was good, and the island is very beautiful in its own way.

We also took a tour of Nevis. It too, was beautiful and there were many beautiful vistas to see. The islands change altitude often and you can get nice views from some of the higher points on the islands.

I recommend these islands highly if you are looking for a restful vacation in a beautiful setting.

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