Australia – 2001 – The hot air balloon ride

We all chipped in and helped to set things up.

We got up early this morning. It seems like we always get up early on vacations. So much to see and do. We reached the site of our lift off just as the sun was rising.

There was a good sized group of us doing this. We all helped with the set up of the balloon as it was filled with the hot air. I was a willing to volunteer with the hot air balloon, but they had a large gas canister and torch, so I was not put into service.

The rattan basket was enormous. It was the largest hot air balloon in the southern hemisphere, or so we were told. I think there were forty of us in it at one time.

We lifted off slowly as the balloon was filled to its capacity and we were soon carried off on the wind. It was cool and pleasant as we sailed over the flat landscape covered in every color of green possible.

Is sailing the proper term, or is it gliding? I’m not sure. Anyway, we passed over kangaroos out for their morning strolls and gossiping with each other. They paid no attention to us at all. A little disappointing, I must say.

We also passed over horses running below us doing what horses do at six o’clock in the morning. We were over an enormous ranch apparently. I think that is what the guide told us anyway. It was a wonderful morning.

After some time floating along and seeing the vast, wide spaces around us, we came down to rest nicely and had a nice champagne brunch. The sky was clear, blue, and almost endless, as was the horizon.

What a nice way to start the day.