Australia – 2001 – Uluru

The site of Uluru is an enchanting one. It appears to be a single rock lying on its side in the middle of the flat landscape.

Uluru is a unique piece of geography. It is also sacred to the original people of Australia.

It is a beautiful mystery. It has ancient paintings on its sides that tell of the people who first lived there. The remnants of those people still call this land theirs, and rightly so.

It is worth seeing and experiencing. The silence is like that no where else on earth. We get few chances in the modern world for a silence as powerful and deep as at Uluru.

When we were here in 2001 we did walk up the side of the rock. We were ignorant of the downside of this and understand that today is a different time and we know more about the environment around it and the reasons for the closure.

Being good visitors to a new country means trying to leave as little of you behind as possible. The world is always changing and we are always learning new things. Whether it be in science or in other arenas, it is best not to ignore evidence that invites us to behave in a different manner than before.

Having said that, the earth’s physical history is a long one and one must remember that at one time man was never going to be able to fly or travel faster than a horse could cary you, or you would die. The mysteries of the earth’s weather, geography or origins are always up for interested parties to discuss. When we think we know all that there is to know about a topic, we are in for trouble.