Cuba – 2003 – Another trip out into the country

Tracks to where?
Nov. 1 2012

We went out today and saw more of Cuba. We went to an unwed mother’s home and left some over the counter medical supplies with the head of the center. The women were friendly and cheerful. It was nice to get to see them. We wished them well and went on our way.

Next we  went to a country clinic. The doctor was out doing what country doctors do, but his mother was there. She was a pleasant woman and was happy to accept our meager gifts in his place. She thought they might be of good use to her son and his practice.

Our guide was a young, attractive, Afro-Caribbean woman. She was of the generation that Fidel had made some things better for. There is no denying that Battista was a dictator in his own right and caused problems for his people. She held Fidel Castro in high regard. That was her experience and I will not try to take that away from her.

We had brought two old suitcases just for medical supplies. They were filled to the brim. She helped my wife determine where the items would be the most needed, in the city or out in the country. They worked over the decisions that had to be made with determination and the steely strength that most women seem to posses. I watched from a safe distance.

My wife is an intelligent woman and she made those decisions with our guide. I have been shown time and again how sharp my wife is. There is no denying that.

She married me after all, that is proof enough for me.

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