Cuba – 2003 – Papa Hemingway slept here

Today we went out to the yacht club and to one of Ernest Hemingway’s homes. I suppose he had others in America at least, but I am not sure where.

It is a fine old house, although it is need of some termite repairs now. The little critters were munching away at this historical artifact as we walked around it. It may be a pile of termite waste by now for all I know.

The home had a pool where Ester Williams used to swim in the buff, when she came to visit in the good old days. Ernest had a little office in a two story out building just above the pool. He had a nice view I suppose when Ester came to swim.

If you donate an additional sum, you are allowed to enter the house and walk around in it. I have a photo of my wife sitting in Papa Hemingway’s favorite chair. The guide said it was his anyway.

Do you remember the stories of his cats with the extra toes? Well, their descendants are still here and flourishing.

We didn’t see many boats in the yacht harbor. Come to think about it, we didn’t see any boats off the Malecon along the seawall in Havana either. I wonder why that is?

There is little traffic on the few highways that run through the country.

One of the laws there require those in vehicles to stop for pedestrians walking ion the highway if you have room in your vehicle.

We saw many people riding in the backs of dump trucks and the like.