Cuba – 2003 – The library

We always bring school supplies with us when we travel. The company that we travel with donates a portion of our money to the schools in the countries that they work in. Hats off to them for that.

We took a bus ride out to a library this morning, with books for the children who use it. It was an old building, but everything looks old and worn in Cuba.

As we entered, sunlight was shining through the ceiling from a hole in the collapsed roof.  There was a large fishing net strung over the ceiling to keep the birds out. It did not work. This is still a functioning library with many children coming here. Birds were fluttering around and making their nests inside of the building. I guess Shawn Penn hasn’t seen this part of Cuba.

We went to a formerly beautiful theater also. It was in the same condition. The roof wasn’t quite as bad, but the floor was a mess from the leaking roof. Since I am in the building trades, perhaps I notice things like this more than most, but I imagine that anyone would see the conditions of this and the other buildings that we have been taken to. It is a shame.