Africa – 2017 – Zambia – Last Land Rover Adventure

Oct. 14,2017 – We have finished our last animal tour into the bush. We have eaten a lovely meal and will soon go out in the boats again for some birding.

The river system is a criss cross network of the same river crossing over itself through a raised grassy plain.

In the rainy season the plain is many meters under water and the river disappears.

Only in the dry season can you navigate the river and search for the many types of animals that live thereat that time of year.

We saw a group of six lions today. Two of them were cubs. They had killed something and were eating it, just below our jeep. They were lounging on a shaded hillside just twenty feet below us.

Some brave jackals were thrilled as they came away with a few large pieces of something hanging from their jaws. We are off to Cape Town tomorrow. We will see Robbin Island and the townships and to learn some of Cape Town’s secrets.

The sunsets here are unbelievable. My wife takes all of the photos. Some of her photos are now covers of my books.

***We have just returned from Jordan and Egypt on Oct.31, 2023. We had tried to get here twice before but political events had stopped us. Timing is everything. 

We felt safe the first week in Jordan. We did have to take an alternate route back to the hotel one day coming back from the Roman ruins due to tensions somewhere nearby. After we left, the news in Egypt showed the streets filled with protesters. 

Egypt was calm the two weeks we were there. The economy is in difficult circumstances now for several reasons. More to come on this site but the short stories and photos of our adventures there are now on Facebook and Instagram at R.C. Hand.

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