Africa – 2017 – On to Victoria

Oct. 14, 2017  We gave the crocs and the hippos one last chance at us yesterday on a great boat ride. There were elephants and buffalo all around us. The crocs were waiting breathlessly for a mistake by our guide or a collision. No such luck for them.

I haven’t seen a life jacket in all of our travels here. It is the real world. A world of possible danger and death constantly near by.

We saw many interesting things here on land and in the water. Some of the larger boats were over loaded and near sinking most of the time, or so it seemed to me. The bows of some pointing down toward the river and seemingly destined for disaster. They were large, two story affairs that looked like Mississippi paddle wheelers, except open, for viewing the animals. However, I never saw an accident or a problem with any of them. Everyone seemed happy and content with their day out on the river. It is simply different here. Not better, not worse, just different.