Africa – South Africa – 2017 – Cape Town

Table Mountain

Oct. 15, 2017 – We have made it safely by air to Cape Town.

It is cool with a bright blue sky and fluffy white clouds here at the bay. There was a delay at the airport due to a fire alarm. Everything seemed fine when we were eventually allowed to enter the modern and very clean airport.

We are in the old part of the city in a very nice, ancient hotel. There is a shopping area set up every morning in the square in front of the hotel below our room.

The old buildings here remind me of New Orleans, with their verandas hanging precariously over the side walks. There is an old church next to the hotel. It will be cold here tonight. That will be a change.

There are many homeless and unemployed here in Cape Town.

I have no idea what the future holds for this city.

People are constantly coming to the city for work from near by countries and outlying areas. There are shacks and outhouses along the freeway. It is an interesting site against the backdrop of a modern city.

Sadly, most major American cities look the same now.

There was a shoot out with a drug dealer in the airport last night before we arrived this morning. The airport is decked out in Christmas decorations and reminds me of home.

Except for the windows shattered by bullets, all seems calm now. Every modern city seems to have these issues.

We have just returned today, Oct.31, 2023 from a trip to Jordan and Egypt.

It was our third attempt to see Jordan and the pyramids of Egypt. Political strife had stopped us before. Yes, timing is everything. My mother in-law thinks that we look at the travel warnings from our State Department and pick the most dangerous places to travel to.

It just seems to work that way.

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