Nepal – 2001

When we finally got back to the bus, after several days of walking. I rode up top with the sherpas. The view is much better there. It is unobstructed to say the least, with the mountains towering above.

Fish Tale mountain and Mount Everest stand out taller among the others. We took a flight up to and around Mount Everest. The runway was grass and several women came out to chase the chickens and ducks away as we roared down the runway in the small plane. The views were incredible as we fly around the tallest mountains in the world.

This trip was a life altering experience for both of us. I am serious when I say that all couples should go to Nepal before having children. It will show you how competent your children can be if you just let them. It is your job as a parent is to make competent humans.

The people in Nepal were wonderful and I would go back tomorrow if I wasn’t leaving for Canada in about five minutes.

I know.