Sailing Boston harbor – 2018

We went out on the Martha Washington for the harbor cruise. We learned about the different islands histories and about the clean up of the harbor.

The city of Boston has grown out into the harbor over it’s long history on reclaimed land. By cutting down the three large outlying hills and dumping the dirt and rocks into the harbor, the city has grown quite a lot. More than half of the city now lies where the harbor once was.

You can see the Old North Church in town and the obelisk up on Bunker Hill from our boat as you look across the wide expanse of blue water. I know, the obelisk is on Breed’s Hill, not Bunker Hill, but what do you expect from me after all?

Many of the historic places we learned about in school about the American Revolution are packed here, for the most part, very close together in Boston.

The weather was warm and nice for the walk of the Freedom Trail with our tennis playing friends. We meet or tour director for the bus portion of our trip through the North East and our fellow travelers tonight at 6:00pm. We will soon be off on a new adventure through the forests of Vermont and New Hampshire and then on a cruise in eastern Canada.