New Zealand – 2001

Very shallow water, perhaps two feet deep. Jet boat making 360’s and moving very fast. Hey. you’re only young once.
Auckland Botanical Gardens.

New Zealand is a spectacular place. We went for a fast river ride with the spinning around and making interesting maneuvers on the Shotover River.

The landscapes were beautiful. We traveled out to the geysers and walked through the steam. The people were warm and friendly.

The Auckland Botanical Gardens are well worth a visit . Do make time for them. 

My wife and I often walk through old cemeteries and try to read the ancient headstones. We try to remember those that have left this realm before of us and wonder about their interesting, dangerous, and perhaps sad lives.

We had a home visit and ate dinner with a middle aged couple. The husband had a tennis court in is back yard. My buddy, the tennis player was impressed, but we didn’t have time to play.

They were a mixed couple. He was a Maori and she was Caucasian. It was a big deal here back when they got married in the 60’s. Things have changed some since then and it isn’t as difficult for mixed couples now.

The people were wonderful and the country seems like a place that time has forgotten. Sometimes that is a good thing.

The land is on fire down below. The steam was all around us. You could smell the sulfur in the air.
Fiordland National Park. Snow from the harsh winter snow.
The best lamb lunch ever and a shearing demonstration.
South Island – A valuable commodity.
Mount Cook National Park, Canterbury, New Zealand.