North Korea – 2008 – The Department Store

Today we went to the famous department store in the capital. We are loaded on to  our bus where we are instantly told that we cannot take no pictures of military vehicles or installations. One minder sat in the back seat to keep us from taking pictures from there.

So, off we gone on a lovely drive through the forest on a nice highway. The ride takes thirty five or forty minutes. It is a lovely day and everyone is in fine spirits.

We had a nice breakfast in a giant hall with perhaps fifty or sixty tables set for breakfast. All of the tables have brad on them and they look Great. There were other tourists in the hall, but I would say ten tables of the sixty were being used.

We finally arrived at the State Department Store. It looked exactly like Space Mountain. By the way, our hotels were all decorated in what I would call mild Los Vegas. Some in charge of building in North Korea must have seen a travel magazine and loved the brass and gold colored plexiglass look of a by gone era in Los Vegas.

The store was neat and clean. You could by just about anything in that store. I didn’t see farm tractors, but just about everything else was on offer. But remember, only the people in the government can shop there. No citizens would ever have been allowed inside. So goes the idea of equality under Communism. It always ends up the same. The leaders have the best of everything, and the people starve.