North Korea 2008- The spy ship Pueblo

If you don’t remember the Pueblo, maybe with things going the way they are with North Korea, it might be interesting to do some research on the story.

Anyway, we went to see the spy ship Pueblo today. It was captured during  an attempt by the U.S. with the high tech torpedoes, one might call them the under water drones of the day, to get as close as possible to the coast of North Korea and do some snooping. The one torpedo that we saw on display had a glass tip with a camera inside.

We were ushered into the ship and seated in an area set up with chairs and shown a video of then President Johnson speaking about the incident.

Commander Lloyd Bucher was in charge of the ship and he let the North Koreans get the drop on him. The North Koreans engaged the crew with small arms fire and boarded her. Some of our men were killed on the spot. The rest were all taken into custody and many important papers and some naval technology was confiscated along with the ship. The ship has never been returned.

Remember, we never had a signed peace treaty with the North Koreans. A state of war has existed between North Korea and the country of South Korea since the mid fifties. North Korea still sees herself at war with the U.S. and South Korea at the time of our visit.

We could see the bullet holes in the ship that were caused by the battle. After several months of imprisonment, the men were returned home to the United States.

As we listened to the tape and watched the video, it was clear what the North Koreans thought about the incident. We were criminals of the first order.

The country is living in a constant state of war readiness. We went to a couple of museums that were filled with American jeeps and tanks also. They are living in the past as far as I could see. The whole country is a war museum when you think about it.

Tomorrow we are going to see the former fearless leader. He lies in state somewhere and we are going to get to see him. How exciting. As I said earlier, leader under glass.

We will be going father north tomorrow, I will tell you about that in a few days.