The Adventures of the Smith Family

I enjoyed meeting and getting to know all of these characters in this book.

Their lives were very similar to mine in the sense that all of us, my siblings and parents, worked together in a family business.

It was understood that hard work and determination was the key to our eventual success. There are no shortcuts. Only miss steps that lead nowhere. If we made a mistake, we learned from it and went on. Life is hard at best.

Some things never change in life and hard work is one of the few roads to success.

It doesn’t hurt to be a little lucky, but most of the time we make our own good luck by planning ahead and working tirelessly toward a goal. If you have a map and no destination picked out, the map is worthless. Likewise, having a destination and no knowledge of how to get there is pointless. You need both.

This book is about a little luck and a lot of hard work. I hope you enjoy reading it. Look for it on Amazon, along with my other novels.

The first chapters of all my novels are on my December 2019 blog for your enjoyment.

R. C. Hand