South Africa – 2017 -Touring Cape Town and more about or Oct.2023 trip to Jordan and Egypt.

Oct. 16 – Cape Town is a beautiful City. Somewhat hilly as you travel away from the sea and covered in greenery where modern life hasn’t taken over.

The weather was windy with some showers now and then. Table Mountain looms in the distance, with its upright sides and flat top hidden completely by clouds and then visible again as the clouds pass rapidly over it.

We were taken by van out to one of the townships for a reality check.

We were reluctant to go at first, but our guide convinced us that it would be inspiring. We didn’t want to make the people who live in these locations feel like we were invading their privacy. We were wrong to think that.

The people were warm and friendly and proud to show us their living situations. Their modest homes were neat and clean.

The buildings were created from pieces of tin and scraps of wood up to substantial block houses.

Like any neighborhood, there is a different level of wealth from one family to the next. We went to the child care facilities that these people have created and saw many well cared for children doing their studies and studying us. My wife and I were both glad that we had visited there.

We walked the city and did a little shopping for some type of African art to bring home for our little place. We collect masks where possible. Africa is a land of masks and we are in heaven.

We went to a park which had once been a “Service Station”  for sailing vessels that landed here. The words “Service Station” had a different meaning a few hundred years ago.

These were spots where sailing ship’s cook would purchase some of their food stuffs. There were gardens here filled with fruits and vegetables, and fresh water could be found here as well. Most, if not all sea ports had these facilities for the ships that sailed into them along with items for trade.

Look closely below. Do you see what I see?

Those are termite mounds in front.

We have just returned on Oct.31, 2023 from three weeks in Jordan and Egypt. Who knew? It was our third attempt to see the pyramids. Political events had stopped us in the past.

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