South Africa – 2017 -Robben Island

Robben Island is what you might imagine it to be. It is visible from Cape Town and sits as a reminder of the past and what had happened there and in South Africa. The trip over is a short one, but can be cancelled quickly if the winds pick up and cause the sea to become too rough for safe passage to the island.

There are many buildings and houses on the island as one might expect, but the buildings are far apart and somewhat isolated from each other. The prison on the other hand is compact and unassuming. It is not a multi storied affair. But let there be no mistake, it was a prison.

We were guided by a former prisoner. All of the guides are former prisoners I think. The rooms are very small, with a high, wide, short window, facing an inner court yard. It is much too high to see anything from. It only lets light into the cell. There was no way for anyone to escape from this place. It is now a teaching tool for everyone to visit and learn from. It is  worth the short voyage.

We met a young local man who has set up a private school. He is well educated and motivated to help the generations that are coming up in Africa. We talked for some time, and I know that he will be a success and help many young people have better lives. One person can make a difference. History is full of these stories. Stories of evil and good men who, on their own, have changed our world.