South Africa – 2017 -Off to The Cape

Oct.18 – We took a wonderful drive along the coast and out to the very tip of South Africa today.

The wind was still blowing hard and I could see rain falling out over the vast ocean in different areas as the clouds passed by us.

The road was cut into the cliffs and was sometimes covered by a concrete shelf to protect it and us from boulders that sometimes fall from above to the sea. The homes that we passed were far apart and isolated. The city is far behind us now.

The land is covered by plants and shrubs. It is a carpet of greens of all colors, only interrupted by Ostriches and more antelope. The animals seem to have no shortage of food here.

We climbed the lookout point and could see the endless ocean out in a wide panorama.

The wind was howling and the drizzle came and went as it wanted.

It is amazing to think that two or three hundred years ago or more, brave men sailed their little ships around the world in search of riches and adventure.

I am no historian, but those who sailed from Spain as captains and crew of those ships had little to loose. They came from the poorest class of people in the country and were willing to risk all for social advancement and wealth. Many of them even came from the same state and city in Spain.

One of the things I have noticed in all of the countries that we have visited was that everyone we talked to had been well educated. I would have hired most any of these people to work for me if I still had my business. They were well spoken and well mannered.

Sadly, at the moment, the economies of these countries seem to have little to offer these educated and responsible people. Hopefully something can be done to change this in the near future.

The Chinese are in all of Africa trying to make deals and create businesses there. Perhaps they will be the savior of Africa, but I doubt it.

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