Bhutan – Paro – Day 17 – 2005

To the east of Paro, standing high above the town is the Ta Dzong, one of the most imposiiing fortresses in Bhutan.

It has views across the plain below and holds countless religious scrolls, religious icons and manuscripts of all sizes. There are vividly colored murals painted on the walls.

Kyichu, Bhutan’s oldest temple is here.

We ride hoses in the morning up to Tiger’s Nest Monastery and look across the chasm at the most beautiful sight that you can imagine.

The early morning ride was long and uncomfortable on wooden saddles covered in a thin carpet. The air was crisp and thin. It took a few hours of slow, painful, riding at a very steep angle to reach the summit for the view, but it was worth it.

The beginning of this monastery is told in an ancient story. The story tells of Guru Rinpoche, who flew here on the back of a tiger to build the first monastery. The monastery clings to the ledge across from us and looks to be hanging in air. It is a sight to behold.