Bhutan to Dhaka Bangladesh via Calcutta – Day18 – 2005

We got to go to Calcutta and see this famous place. The locals were soon gathered around us and visiting like old friends. It was remarkable. The police nearby came and chased them away, thinking that they were bothering us and due to the fact that the crowd spilled out into the street and blocked some of the traffic.

They could tell that we “weren’t from these parts,” by our appearance perhaps. We dress and look a little different from them. But we are similar in so many ways that are more important.

We watched women put on a second sari and wash the two while on their body and then remove one, right on the sidewalk. Very clever indeed.

We saw men working on the street from their mobile, bicycle shop. It was a wonderful stop with time to visit with many strangers who became instant friends, sadly, for only a few moments.

We had a tremendous thunder storm in Dhaka one night. It was the grandest storm I have ever experienced.

My wife and I and several people went out together in pedicabs to see Dhaka one day. We toured the areas near the hotel and saw many different types of small businesses. One area seemed to be occupied with making trunks of all types and sizes. As we rode by, people shouted a greeting to us, “We love America.”

I always try to remember the warmth and kindness of all of the people that we have met on our trips and try not to listen too much to the media types who constantly tell us that America is bad and that we are hated. They obviously have their own agenda.

I hope you will get to these places that I have tried to tell you a little about. It has taken a long few days for this section on Bhutan, Bangladesh, and India. The names of the places we saw are uncommon and difficult to type, but I carried on. I hope that you find this section interesting and that it makes you want to travel to these fantastic places.