Canada – Sydney – 2018

We went for a cold walking tour of the city of Sydney.

We went into two old houses and were shown how difficult the lives of the pioneers here were. One set of clothing for each person. No closets. No closets needed.

We walked to an old church and learned of it’s history and that of the neighborhood that stood around it. Beautiful tall wooden and brick houses. It is a step back into the past. That is why we travel. To see something different and unusual.

It was very pleasant, except for the cold weather. Thankfully we are dressed accordingly. All of the docents were dressed in period clothing. A nice touch for us, the outsiders.

Many of the locals have never left the bosom of their city and seem quite content. Why would angels leave heaven?

They tell us that the weather is colder than usual for this time of year. Global warming perhaps? They had less snow than in years past. Perhaps, it’s weather.