Canada – Prince Edward Island – 2018

I have a friend who was born on Prince Edward Island. The hospital that she was born in is now going to be demolished. It had been changed into an old folks home. No reflection on my friend. Now it is not needed. Where did all of the old folks go?

There are few jobs here according to our trolly guide. She is a real character. Very funny and informative. She had to bring in a husband from Newfoundland. She loves her ten horses and they work few and short days and are cared for very well. By the way, how many horses were living on the planet just a hundred years ago compared to now?

If you don’t use horses, they are soon of no value and their numbers go down. Pulling a trolly is not punishment or mistreatment. These animals were bred, grown, and trained to do this work. They are well cared for, because they are valuable and are the lively hood for many people around the world. They depend on them. Don’t use your modern, city, sensibilities on other cultures.

Just think of the number of chickens there would be if no one ate them. Would all the chicken ranchers still raise chickens as pets. I don’t think so. Follow your ideas out to their logical conclusions and see where they lead you.

She mentioned that the island suffers a higher than normal rate of cancer. She thinks that perhaps it’s from the chemical spraying of the agricultural crop, which is potatoes. Perhaps, perhaps not. It is probably a much more complicated problem to understand. Most complicated issues are. We all complain and have few or no valuable answers to offer. Think on that for a moment.

Everyone is related to each other here, so you must be careful not to marry a distant family member, unless you really love them a lot. I know, I’m a little silly.

It is a beautiful place with few opportunities. A common, incurable problem when the modern world passes you by.

It looks like another cold and drizzly day ahead. We have brought foul weather gear, just in case, tucked into my back pack. We are doing this voyage with two carry on bags full of light weight travel clothing. It takes up little space, is light, hand washable, and dries quickly. We also carry a backpack and a large purse like, bag. Our clothing is light and made for traveling, but keeps us warm and toasty.

We see people traveling with tons of luggage. I suppose they need it for their lifestyle. We travel light and move quickly and easily through the obstacles that travel often puts in our way.

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