Elegant Elbe – 2013 – October – Dessau

Oct. 5 – Day 3 – Dessau – We are docked early and we are off to the Gardens at Worlitz after breakfast. Officially this place is called the Garden Kingdom of Worlitz. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

We pass the the summer house and then enter the Castle lying beyond. It was inspired by Prince Franz Anhalt Dessau’s visits to England.

The house is amazing. Lets just say it is a castle and be done with it. Use your imagination. Paintings, silk covered walls and fine furnishings, busts, and the like. You know, you’ve seen plenty right?

The garden covers 17 square miles and the river running through it has houses built along it’s length in every different style that you could imagine. Each separated by the next by some distance.The front of one house may be Gothic and when you make the turn in your gondola around the bend in the river, the house will have another front of a different style. Did I not mention the gondolas? Sorry.

The men who operate the gondolas , for the most part, have all done this every summer of their working lives. They love their summer job and would do anything to keep it. It does seem a very pleasant job, except for the tourists, that is.

We tour the park in the gondolas and then stroll the gardens afterwards. It was a very pleasant morning. The ship departs at lunch.

Come on, we have to go now or the ship will leave us and we will miss our meal.