Elegant Elbe – October – 2013 – Potsdam

Oct. 4 – Day 2 – So we got settled in our hotel and waited for our tennis playing friends to arrive. You know them by now, I’m sure. They turned up and all was right with the world and for our trip down the Elbe.

Our ship is waiting for us in Magdeburg. Can you find it on the map? I’ll wait. Dute dute du. Found it, right?

O.K. then. In the morning we left for the ship with a stop in Potsdam. Potsdam is famous for the July 1945 meeting at Cecilienhof Palace of Churchill, Truman, and Stalin. Remember, Franklin had just died. That meeting, the Potsdam Agreement, decided the shape of post-war Europe.

This building is the last palace that the Hohenzollern family built for Crown Prince Wilhelm and his wife, Cecilie.

Our ship sails on the river as we sleep after a fine diner.

I wonder where we will be in the morning? Can you say Dessau? Good job!