Lake Champlain – 2018

We are now ensconced in a very old hotel, consisting of separate bungalows and a central eating hall. It covers a wide area of grass and hills. It is their one-hundred and thirty-third year of operation.

This place is called the Basin Harbor Club. There are vans to take you out to your individual bungalow. We chose to walk. The luggage came later.

There is a private airport here with a grass covered runway for those in a different tax bracket than I, who choose to fly in using their own plane. Life is great, isn’t it. Even for my wife and I, though we do not have our own plane, yet. It’s amazing what a person can accomplish with lots hard work, an education, and some luck.

I have some college. I earned a AA Degree in the Administration of Justice, going to school at night for six years. That is a two year program, but I worked full time for my father while I went to school. I never used that two year degree to try and get a job. I was fortunate to learn a trade or two and made a very good living working at them. I do not regret the time in spent in school however.

This place has a very similar layout out to one of our camps from our recent trip to Africa, but on a much grander scale. Thankfully, there are no lions or hyenas here as far as I can tell. We are off on a cruise of the lake before dinner.

The lake is huge and can be sailed for miles to other towns. There are eagles nesting high up in the trees along the shoreline most distant from our hotel. The sky is clouding up, but the air is still warm until the breeze kicks up a little. Everyone is taking pictures of the eagles and their nest as we pass by.

We are going to a very special museum nearby tomorrow. It covers many acres and contains complete buildings from all around the area filled with art from the masters of Europe and the Americas. There is a steamship, a building filled with carriages of several types and a carrousel. This woman had plenty of money and spent vast amounts of her fortune to save a little history for us to enjoy forever.

Many wealthy people do wonderful things for humanity. History is full of them. Think of all the tradesmen who worked for years to create their wonderful mansions. How many families were supported in this way. We should not be too harsh or jealous of those that have been successful. Instead, we should emulate their formulas for success. The number of wealthy people who inherited their great wealth is quite small. Most wealthy people became wealthy from hard work and sacrifice. The facts are easy to check.