Riding through Vermont – 2018

It’s Wednesday. We are  now on the bus traveling through Vermont. It is a perfectly beautiful day. It is sunny with a hint go a breeze.

Everyone is settled in and visiting with new friends. We are talking about our trips in the past and what we hope to see and learn on this one.

The forests are every shade of green that one can imagine. The leaves haven’t started to turn yet, but the forests are beautiful. The trees are so thick that you can’t see past them. All that you can view is a green carpet of tree tops as far as the eye can see. What a beautiful place. A week ago the trees were bare. They are so thick with leaves now, that statement from our guide is hard to believe.

We live in California. It is or was a desert, at least here in Southern California. Yes, we have trees of most types and sizes, but they do not compare to a real forest like we see here in Vermont.

Can you imagine fighting a war in this environment with a single shot rifle or pistol? It is too frightening to ponder.