Montreal – 2018

We got settled in our new hotel after the bus trip ended in Montreal.

We stopped at family run Maple syrup place a day ago. It was a very interesting place. We bought several bottles for our friends and neighbor to sample. We revisited the process of making Maple syrup and found it still interesting and a nice stop on our journey. We had done this years ago on a fall foliage tour.

We went for a walk out to a nice little Italian restaurant for dinner and then found a Tim Horton’s for a donut. I don’t do that often enough.

My wife and I walked over to the Cathedral and walked around inside it until the maintenance man kicked us out. Apparently, God closes down at 7:30 in Canada. We had seen the interior for the most part. It was spectacular, as most Catholic churches are. If this helps people become better human beings, then I’m all for it.

Tomorrow morning we check in on our ship.