Montreal Tours – 2018

We walked the city and then did the city walking tour with a local guide. We went a different way with the guide, so we saw more of the city than if we had just done the city tour. We are walkers and always do this when we are on vacation.

It is a very eclectic city, with plenty of rich history. New high rise buildings stand next to very old two and four story stone buildings, which used to be homes of the very wealthy elite. They are now apartments or office buildings.

The red stone buildings were made of the stone brought over in the sailing ships as ballast.

We saw the Cathedral last night that we had toured the day before. It was well lit up in the dark. It was very beautiful.

Our city tour by bus this morning ended at our ship today. We saw quite a lot of the city after our three tours. It is important to use a guide so you can learn about what you are looking at. We learned several things about the buildings we had passed without a guide earlier. We read all of the plaques that we can find.

We are now in our cabin and unpacking. That is to say that my wife is doing all of the necessary chores that need to be done on a trip like this. She likes me to “just stay out of her way.” She takes very good care of  me and I thank her for that.

Our cabin has a balcony and a jacuzzi tub. Do you know where the name jacuzzi comes from?

I think we will be fine in this room. It is well lit and has a comfortable bed, a long with the pleasant balcony. I have a little issue with claustrophobia, so I like large windows and light. The room is perfect for us. We have slept in much less comfortable places than this and I am sure we will do so in the future again.