A day at sea – 2018 – Canada

Today we are at sea. We saw the funniest comedian last night. He was a regular returning character on the Seinfeld show. We laughed so hard and long that our ribs ached.

We slept in this morning and skipped breakfast.

We have the American Test Kitchen here on board. All four of us went to the kitchen to see something prepared.

The female chief made a wonderful omelette. I was raised in the restaurant industry and love to be in a kitchen cooking. She put lots of time and effort into her breakfast meal and it turned out fantastic. It looked perfect, but there were no samples available. That is a major flaw in the program. I will complain about that when I find someone who cares.

We will arrive somewhere tomorrow. I know my wife knows where for certain. That is why I don’t bother with details like that and just enjoy the trip. I just enjoy the ride. Come to think of it, that describes my retired life. It’s very nice to have a spouse that you can depend on.

We planned our retirement from the day we met thirty-six years ago. It has all worked out close to how we had wanted. We had our ups and downs like everyone else, but we had a plan, and we stuck to it. Go to work when your are supposed to and save a portion of your earnings for the distant future.

That distant future comes sooner than you might think.

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