Canada – Prince Edward Island – 2018

We landed today at Prince Edward Island and took a slow, horse drawn carriage ride. There were about twenty-four of us all together from the ship.

We are starting to recognize people now. Some if them were on our previous walking tour.

The driver and guide was in her thirties. She was very informative, pleasant and funny.

There are few opportunities for work on the island and everyone one is distantly related. She had to go to Newfoundland to find her husband. He doesn’t like her horses much. but liked her enough to have¬† twins with, four years ago.

He spends four months of the year working in Newfoundland and then comes back to Prince Edward Island. This island is remote, but it does have it’s charms. Very little traffic and beautiful sea views are just two. It is lovely this time of year. It was very cold here when we were on the tour, but she supplies everyone with a fine blanket to keep warm. The summers are short and the winters are long here.

The weather makes for reading inside and getting cozy with your spouse if you are lucky enough to have one. What can be better than that.

Most people here are retired and crime is non existent. The only down side seems to be lack of privacy due to the small population and marrying a cousin if you don’t check out their family tree first.