Tokyo – 1995

Many pictures coming to this site soon!

Sat July 1 – We landed in Tokyo after the long flight. We don’t drink alcohol, so the trip does not fly by as quickly as one might for those who do.

I am a vigilant traveler and keep both eyes open for the most part, during our flights. I do not like to fly but understand that it is necessary if one is to experience the sights and smells of foreign lands.

My wife on the other hand is an avid, almost professional, sleeper. She is the perfect size and shape for flying in our modern planes and has no difficulty finding a comfortable position in a seat and going off to dreamland and leaving me all alone in the real world.

That is the luck of the draw, I suppose. I have had many long and uncomfortable flights to many enchanting places. My wife on the other hand, just wakes up in them.

Japan is a very interesting place to visit. It is like nothing else in the world. I suppose that is true of every country, but Japan is very different architecturally, historically and culturally. It has remained isolated for the most part and has, for a large part, been kept locked in history and time.

Granted, it has new and very modern buildings and ideas. But it also has a vast collection of historic buildings and preserved open gardens and historic places one can visit that are unique.

We have friends there also, so it makes it fun to go and visit loved ones who have been missed over time.

We saw some interesting signs passing through customs which I will share with you at a later date here. I am going to put up ten or so pictures for each country that I have talked about, but I want to finish our tales first.

We are headed to the hotel now. the streets are very crowded. See you a little later.

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