Tokyo – Mount Fuji – Bullet Train -1995

Sun. 2 – Day 3 – We had the day in Tokyo and decided to go to Mount Fuji.

We boarded the bullet train for the ride out to Mount Fuji. It was interesting and we met many college students who wished to practice their English with us and share some Japanese sweets.

The Japanese are very friendly and sociable. Sadly, the clouds covered the mountain as they usually do and we did not get a clear picture of the entire mountain. We found some nice postcards that did however and sent them home to some of the children in the family.

Unknown to us on the way back into Tokyo, the Sarin gas attack had occurred. We as travelers were unaware of it at the time.

It seems that there is always something happening when we travel. This is just an example of one of the things that happened to us. We also experienced an earthquake while we were in the stairwell of our hotel with a group of fellow travelers.

You can always pick out the Californians when things start shaking. It was no big deal for us, it’s just like home, but those from the east coast were a little nervous. For us, it was just a free “E” ticket ride. Do you remember what that was? If you do, I have a good idea of how old you might be.

I’m sure you have experienced the same type things on your travels over the years. It just helps to make more interesting memories.