Tokyo to Beijing China – 1995

Mon. 3 – Day 4 – We had a day of touring through the Asakusa districts alleys and covered passageways this morning.

We visited the Meiji Shrine, a 20th-century monument set in elaborate gardens.

We had a Japanese style barbecue served with “sake”. Saki is rice wine if you didn’t know that. It is served warm and is very alcoholic tasting. Need I say more.

My wife and I have watched Japanese television for many years. Even before we knew each other. Hum. Anyway, Japanese television is some of the best out there and is usually served up with subtitles for us non Japanese speakers.

The news from Japan is in English at times and you can hear about North Korea from their viewpoint, along with many other topics. My wife spent many weeks in bed before back surgery, watching Japanese television.It is never boring.

We also have watched several Japanese soap operas over the years. Very interesting and enlightening. You can get a taste of the culture by watching their  soap operas. Of course they are over dramatic and sometimes silly, but you can also gain some insight into the culture of the people who watch these programs that are created for the locals.

Having said that, there is a great travel show called Journeys in Japan now showing on Japanese television. The stories all have a different guide who is just a normal tourist who has taken the time to learn the Japanese language. I take my hat off to them. They are from many different countries and have come to visit or live in Japan. It has subtitles and takes the viewers to many interesting places at different times of the year. NJK Television Network, I believe.

Fruits and vegetables can be very expensive in Japan. This cantaloupe is boxed up and ready to be given as a gift to one lucky someone.