Monday, April 22, 2024 – Chapter Seven of “The Bad Seed”

“So boys, I have to go to work. I can’t live on my beauty alone. I need to rent some cars. What are you going to do until tonight when I put that make up on you two?”

Jay leaned over the smooth green table toward the both of them and spoke. “I think I’ll go in dressed as I am now and take a look around. I’ll scope it out and see what my options are if things go bad.”

Jay was dressed in a pair of Levis and a short sleeved blue shirt. It ws his usual civilian uniform since he had retired.

“Surly there must be a back way out of the joint. I’ll check to see if is locked or not. That’s probably why that guy is always standing out back in the parking lot. Maybe some more important people enter from the rear.”

“What do you want me to do Jay?” David asked, anxiously.

“Well, you could go in after me and just do the same. Just oder a beer or something and have a look around. Don’t make contact with me when were inside. I’m only going to drink a beer at the bar and then leave. That will give me plenty of time to look the place over and see how many employees are working in there. Just look the place over and get familiar with it. Check the restrooms and see if there is an office in there somewhere.”

“Alright, that seems simple enough.”

“Well boys, stay safe and I’ll see you around seven at my place.”

Jay looked up at Susan as she cracked her purse open. “Don’t worry about it Susan, I’ll get your breakfast. We’re all in this thing together now.”

Susan walked of with steady strides. She was a slim woman with fine features. Both men watched her walk off and get into her car.

“Why would any husband cheat on a nice lady like her Jay?” “Well David, that’s a complicated situation for sure. Have you ever been married or had a serious girl friend?”

“Sure Jay, I’m no monk after all.”

“Well then, you know looks aren’t the whole package. Some folks are just difficult to live with. Maybe she is or her husband was? It’s hard to tell without spending some time with someone.”

“Yes, I learned that the hard way like most men, I suppose. Mary, my ex, seemed really sweet, but it didn’t last.” “Well, there you go then David. It just wasn’t a good match. Sometimes it takes some time to find these things out.” “Yes Jay. I still miss her though?” “You’ll get over it one day David. Getting a new girlfriend might help.”

“Yes, I suppose.”

The two men sat talking for another twenty minutes over important plans and not so important things. No one asked them to leave. The large man in the cowboy hat and boots walked down the sidewalk and into Oscar’s. Jay saw him as he came from the parking lot. It was nearly eleven.

“He seems a little early today David. I’m going to walk across the street and try to see what’s going on inside. I’m not going to talk to him until Susan is finished with my new disguise, tonight. Stay here for half an hour if they will let you and then come in and grab a beer.”

“Alright Jay, I’ll see you in about thirty minutes then.”

Jay went into his wallet and pulled out a few bills and and laid them on the table. There was plenty of money left there for the meals and a good tip. Jay paid for all three meals.

“Thanks Jay, but you don’t need to do that. I’m putting this on my expense account. He smiled and then left the building.

David watched the door close behind Jay and heard the bell ring again.