April 24, 2024 – More on our Asian Cruise –The Philippines.

We have arrived in the Philippines again, but this time by ship. It has been an interesting voyage with many sights, smells and flavors.

We have done several land excursions and met many travelers. Many on this ship are unhappy due to the false starts before and during Covid. They are letters circulating on board among several different groups.

Is it a mutiny when the passengers revolt? I was told that the crew has stopped a meeting of the passengers at one point. So I was told.

It is all very interesting. Some want to throw their bedding overboard. That seems to be a bad idea as they will then be uncomfortable, at best.

Did you know that there are 75 varieties of Water Buffalo? Me either.

Douglas Mac Arthur stayed on the 5th floor of the Manila Hotel.

Do you know the stories about the gold the Japanese gathered in the Philippines to be sent back to Japan? It never got there and is buried somewhere on the islands in complicated man made caves.

The designers were killed to keep the secrets safe.

In order to dig for it you had to get a permit from Marcos’s brother. One of the most successful men searching for the gold was jailed by the Marcos government and his loot was taken from him.

Perhaps that is where some of Marcos’s great wealth came from besides the money the U.S. gave him.

Rajah Sulayman was the ruler of Maynila along with Rajah Matanda in the distant past.

The President of the Philippines was Jose P. Laurel when the Japanese invaded. He grew up south of Manila.

Manila got its name from the strong Nilad plant. It is a flowering shrub adapted to marshy conditions. The fibers are used to make Manila rope in the past.

More of “The Bad Seed” later today.