April 16 – Day 1 -Tulips and Windmills Cruise – April – 2012 – Amsterdam

Lovely and very different from home.

April 16 – Amsterdam, Holland – As usual, we arrived a few days early to reset our body clocks. A vacation can be difficult enough when you are still trying to get used to the local time. We have arrived a few days early to do that and to have a chance to see a little more of Amsterdam as well.

The sights of Amsterdam are very different and interesting, no matter where you come from. The architecture is different from home as is the entire city.

The canals, the boats, and the old homes are charming. It’s a little cool and damp, but all of these flowers need this weather to grow and bloom. That’s one of the reasons that we are here, so we will not complain.

If it was just like home here, why would we come in the first place.

The Netherlands and Belgium