Day 2- Tulips and Windmills – April – 2012 – Amsterdam

Royal Palace

April 17th -Day 2 – We are walkers. We love nothing more than to walk through a city or town and people watch. You can learn a lot about a people by watching them on their way to work and seeing how they relate to one another. How fast do they walk? Are they grim and brusk? Or do they seem happy for another day to experience the beauty around them.

I can relate to the fast pace of the worker. I was self employed my entire life and knew what was expected of me. I walked and worked accordingly.

Time was money then. I also enjoyed my life, don’t get me wrong. And a successful retirement gives one a chance to slow down a little and look closely at everything around you, if you care to.

We went to the Anne Frank house and tried to imagine the terror that the family tried to live through. It is impossible. What we do to each other in the name of religion and politics is shameful.

Sadly, we are all flawed humans at best. Remember that when you lash out at strangers who don’t fulfill your every whim when you are out to eat or shopping.

We went to the Rembrandt house and museum and learned his story and viewed some of his works. We have seen many of his paintings around the world, but it is different to see them in his own home. He was a great artist but not a very successful businessman, sadly.

We had a full day to wander and see the churches and the old buildings all around us. We had a chance to talk to some locals working in their shops. We also talked to several people who have immigrated to this country from many different lands.

Amsterdam Can you see the beams protruding from the gable of the houses? Those are for hoisting furniture into the upper apartments.