Day – 3 – Tulips and Windmills – October – 2012 – Red light District – Leaving Amsterdam

Would you want your daughter to do this work?

April 18 – Today we leave our hotel for the ship in the afternoon. We still have some time to wander if we desire.

The ship will remain here tonight. So we still have time to go into the city and explore, once more.

We did take a walk into the Red Light district. The attitudes toward sex and drugs are interesting here. I am not sure if it is the way to go, but I am no expert, and experts still disagree on these issues.

I wouldn’t want my children to work in the sex business or do drugs on a regular basis. We know how difficult it is to control these urges and behaviors for some. I think that we have plenty of folks who can’t function in modern society as it is. If you think using drugs for recreation makes for a better society, I’m ready to listen to you try to explain that to me. Here’s my test. Will it make you a better husband, or father, a smarter or a better person and employee? Will these behaviors make your chances at a better life or future more probable?

Solutions that work in very small countries seldom work when the perimeters are scaled up to a country like America. We have a diverse and a large population with different needs and desires. A country’s history and culture has a great affect on what will work in it.

It is easy to say live and let live when everyone behaves themselves. But when the bad guys show up, someone needs to deal with them. Who, if not us?

Americans have had the luxury of being geographically separated from the dangers that lurked in Europe and the rest of the world in history. If we lived in Poland, we all would have different memories and ideas on how the world should function.

America is a one off country. It is a Disneyland in an otherwise cruel and dangerous world. The more I travel, the more that I understand that.

More of the same.
A different type of garden.

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