Day – 2 – Tulips and Windmills – 2012 – October – Delft Factory

A beautiful place to shop daily.

April 19 – Day 2 – Today we took the tour of the city of Amsterdam in the glass-topped canal boats. We got another chance to see all of these fine buildings and boats from another viewpoint.

We also went to the Gogh Museum and viewed more of his art. We have seen many pieces in museums around the world, but in this case, more is better. This museum is in a wonderful setting in the woods.

We got back to the ship for some rest and then we were off to the Delft factory. The blue and white pottery is well known throughout the world.

Tonight we will have dinner with our new shipmates and traveling companions.

A very special bridge.
The museum is beautiful outside also.
Look familiar?
A Rembrandt!
Yes, the original one.