Greece – 2004 – Delphi

We went out to Delphi today, the naval of the earth.

We saw the treasury of the Athenians and the Temple of Apollo.

We also toured the theater at Delphi. Mark Twain has been here I believe. I think it looks about the same.

Try reading Innocents Abroad if you haven’t. It is about his travels with his family in Europe when he was broke. It was cheaper to travel Europe than to live at home.  It is very funny and sad a the same time, as a lot of his writings are.

We visited the museum there as well. Don’t miss it. There are many interesting things to see there, like the Sphinx of the Naxians. Have you read my book, Sailing Away yet? It is an interesting book about a fictional sailing journey with historical facts inserted to make it educational and fun.

There are many roadside shrines marking areas where auto accidents have killed loved ones. There families bring sacrificial items to the shrines occasionally.