Greece – 2004 – The island of Delos

We walked the ruins of Delos and were reminded of the height of Greece’s ancient skills at carving stone and building cities of granite and marble.

The breeze blows softly and reminds us of the souls that lived here thousands of years ago. These ruins well remain here forever to remind visitors that modernity is always at hand. These people thought that they lived in the modern world, as we do.

In the future those looking back at our relics will think of us as backward and unenlightened. It has been this way throughout history.

When you think you know what’s up, be ready for the fall. We know little of the earth’s secrets. We have visited little of the deepest part of the seas.

How did the Egyptians light the inside of their tombs so that they could paint all of the wonderful scenes left there for us to marvel at? There’s no soot on the ceilings to show that they used burning torches.

Who cut the stone blocks for the temples in Egypt and how were they moved? How were the basalt statues carved so finely. With brass chisels and wooden mallets? Talk to someone who knows about stone carvings and see what they say.

We are learning new things about antiquity daily. Those secrets will still be coming forth after we are all long gone.

What is the secret of man getting along with his neighbors who have a different view of the world.

If the witch doctor cures an illness, is it still not medicine?

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