Panama Canal Cruise – Two Days at sea – 1998

Thursday and Friday – So, we now have seen and learned a lot about this part of the world. Now we have two days at sea to think about it and read some more. I love to sleep in on these cruises.

My wife and I both got up early to go to work like most of you do or did. However, my wife worked the night shift for many years, so sleeping in for her is difficult. Even now after seven years of retirement my wife wakes at 6:30 in the morning most of the time.

My wife and I were both blue collar workers with quite a bit of college time under our belts. We PLANNED for or retirement and traveled every year of our married life. You never know when your life will end, so travel now while you are still healthy and can walk and see the world around you.

Remember it’s never too late to plan for retirement. If you are in your twenty’s and can put twenty thousand dollars away over the next few years you will be in fine shape. Put as much away as you can afford to now. It will pay off greatly in the end. You will still want to eat and have a roof over your head when you can’t work any more, and the years pass quicker than you know.

Don’t be frightened by the news about problems in the world. The odds of being hurt somewhere is so small as not be measurable. We are all going to leave this place dead anyway. I want to do it on vacation somewhere interesting.

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