Panama Canal Cruise – Caldera, Costa Rica – 1998

The caldera.

Wednesday – Sadly we had little time to spend in Costa Rica.

The wind was blowing like I had never seen before as we sailed north through the Pacific. Apparently it is a quite common occurrence here in this part of the ocean.

We were asked to remain inside the ship and many people outside had great difficulty opening the doors that let them come back in. The seas were a little rough, but the wind as something else.

We took a large van out to the volcano. The caldera is a fickle beast and only shows it face when it wants to and then only for a few moments.

The wind blew the clouds away for a few moments and we were able to see the bright turquoise water and snap a picture. This was before the advent of the digital camera remember.

When we were it the Galapagos Islands in 2000, there was girl just snapping away without a care in the world. We wondered how much film she had brought? Turns out that she had a digital camera.