Singapore – 1995

Monday the 10th – Day 10 – We arrived today from Bangkok.

We went for a walk around the waterfront and saw all of the giant buildings standing around us. This is a beautiful and inspiring place. It was created out of jungle and from nothing just a few decades ago. Free enterprise at it’s best. The government isn’t perfect, but it isn’t as bad as most, and will surely get better over time.

You cannot judge a people for what was done under different circumstances and values of the past by using our currant value system. It is silly and dangerous. You must understand the reasons that things happened in history by learning about history. You learn nothing by rewriting history.

People here are hard at work making an attempt at a better future for their families. We went to the Indian part of the city and saw the area where all of the Indian shops are located.

I am sure you know the stories of the caning of those who break the rules here. It is a clean and safe city. Perhaps following the rules of polite society isn’t such a bad idea.

This is a melting pot as was the United States years ago, before multiculturalism became a fad in our country. Remember that in the previous immigrant waves, people learned to speak english eventually and had little social welfare for support. Their families helped them and soon the new arrivals were at work and learning the language of their adopted country. Not so anymore.

Our country has always welcomed strangers with open arms and wished them luck at becoming successful here. Now we welcome those who come into our country illegally and see no downside to those same people taking the lower paying jobs from our own children just starting out and looking for work as well as from our own people with less education than some others, for what ever reason. How many can we absorb and at what cost to our own lower classes who want to move up in our society. Just asking for an answer here.