Bangkok to Singapore

Sept. 9 – Day 10 – Before I leave Bangkok and Thailand, I must say that it was one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been to or seen.

The architecture of the palaces and other ancient buildings was remarkable and unequaled in all of the world. It is so different and colorful. The ceramic tiled roofs gleamed in the sunlight and were spotlessly  clean. Possibly from all of the rain, perhaps.

I would go back there in an instant if there weren’t so many places left to see. This is the problem for the traveler or tourist. There are just so many years in our lives to see as much as we can.

Sadly we must work many long years to save enough money to see many of the beautiful sights of the world.

Travel when you are still young, even if you think it is unaffordable. Tomorrow is not guaranteed to you.

Don’t wait until you can afford to travel. By then you may be too old and infirm to enjoy the sights that you will come across. We are all going to leave this earth and go who knows where. I want to pass when I am on vacation going to some place new and interesting.

I would much rather do that, than lie in a hospital bed in my final days and miss all of the fun!