Moroccan Imperial Cities – 2010 – Fez

Day 4 – Monday May 4 – We spend the day walking and touring the city of Fez.

We walk among the souks of the medina and watch the artisans work at their respective trades or try to sell their wares.

Very little has changed here in thousands of years. The lights make it a little brighter, and perhaps there are more tourists from nations unknown back in the day and dressed slightly different, but the souks remain, as does the medina.

The families that work here now probably had ancestors who worked here back those many years before. Little changes over time in this part of the world. There may be telephones and television, but the lives of these people remain very much the same, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Our life styles look odd to many cultures. If no one is being harmed and everyone’s individual rights are respected, then I say live and let live. it is difficult sometimes, but we must not be too hasty in our judgments of other cultures as long as they remain peaceful and respect the rights of EVERYONE else.