Moroccan Imperial Cities – 2010 – Fes

Day 3 – Sunday May 2 – Fes – Fes is the largest medina in the world. It is the oldest of the Imperial Cities.

Medina- Non European quarter of a city. It is the second or third largest city in Morocco.

The word Fas means pickax. The lines of the city are said to have been laid out by Idris l with a gold and silver pick ax.

The city started as two. Fas Elbali, started by Idris l and the city across the river Jawhar,  al-Aleyaby by his son Idris ll. They eventually became walled cities.

In 1070 they were brought together as one city by the Almoravid Dynasty and the name Fas was used after that.

There are hundreds of years of history about these two cities and worthy of reading about.