Moroccan Imperial Cities – 2010 – Ain Diab Corniche

Day 2 – Saturday May 1 – The Ain Diab Corniche is the promenade along the coast at Casa Blanca lined with hotels, fancy shops and clubs. It is one of the most fashionable and luxurious stretches along the shore at Casa Blanca.

During the day it is a beautiful spot to come and see the Atlantic and shop a little. We love to come and see the sights. We are not shoppers, but we do like to look at all of the local products and watch the people shop and live their lives.

The view from here is endless out across the Atlantic Ocean.

The Ever Ready, the ship from my novel, “Sailing Away,” stopped here in the 18th century and dropped of products from London and then picked up supplies and more products for her journey south to the Cape of Africa. She stopped in many ports of the Mediterranean, including Algiers, before arriving here to buy local products to sell on her voyage south.

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