Day – 7 – Passage to Eastern Europe – The Iron Gate -2015

Roman inscription!

Day 7 – Tuesday, Oct. 7 – The Iron Gate – Today we cruise the lower Danube.

The Iron Gate is one of Europe’s most dramatic natural wonders. It is a narrow gorge that the river has cut over time.

It is part of the border between Serbia and Romania and  passes between the Balkan Mountains and the Carpathian Mountains. Does the name Carpathia ring a bell?

On one side of the river is the Serbia and the Derdap National Park, named after the pass. On the other side lies a national park in Romania.

There was a metholithic culture here called “The Iron Gate Culture” by archaeologists.

In a London newspaper article of 1853 the pass was called the Gate of Trajan. Don’t miss the Roman plaque carved into the wall as you sail by.

In 1964 a joint Romanian-Yugoslavian mega dam project was started. The reservoir that was eventually created flooded Orsova and five other villages along with the island of Ada Kaleh causing 17,000 people to be relocated.

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